Haus of Dietrich



Haus of Dietrich‘s latest creation, ‘Tuscan Star’ is hand made in Italy, and is formed from sterling silver with organic mother of pearl motifs. The set is comprised of earrings along with a 42cm necklace (with a 5cm extension) and is beautifully presented in an exclusive gift box.




The exquisite Vivid Grace necklace is hand made in Italy by a team of artisan jewellers and stone setters - the 90 cm long necklace is made in sterling silver, which is expertly plated in 22-carat rose gold. The pink and purple stones are set individually by hand to ensure that they sparkle brightly.

Haus of Dietrich‘s stacking rings, named Vivid Trinity, are the culmination of the work of a family of jewellers from the Veneto region in northern Italy. Moulded to fit any finger, and designed to be worn together, the three individual rings shine brightly. Each beautiful stone is hand set on to rose gold-plated sterling silver rings.




Hand made in Italy and the result of the work of a young German designer, a team of experienced jewellers, stone setters and polishers. The series consists of a necklace (44cm) and a bracelet (22cm) and earings and is made in sterling silver, then plated in 22-carat rose gold. The coloured stones are set individually by hand and sparkle like the stars in the Berlin sky.




This exquisite necklace and matching bracelet was magically created in Berlin, then beautifully formed in 22 carat gold plate in Tuscan Italy. The necklace is produced using a series of 51 cm silky chains and the bracelet, from 22 cm chains using state of the art gold plating techniques, this set comes in a delightful presentation box.