Your jewellery comes with a 12 month warranty covering material defects and production faults from your date of purchase. The prerequisite is that you, as the consumer, have purchased the jewellery at a Haus of Dietrich authorised outlet. The Warranty provider is SKYlink GmbH.
We will repair your jewellery within this 12 month warranty period following the date of purchase. If a repair is not possible or the repair deemed too expensive, we will exchange the jewellery against jewellery of equal value. The warranty lapses in the event of incorrect use, third-party repairs and careless handling and the warranty does not cover wear-and-tear, wear parts such as leather straps and satin ribbons, abuse or if the jewellery is damaged, for example during an accident. Please note the special Care Instructions, below.
This warranty does not affect your rights as stipulated in warranty legislation. These remain valid even in the event of you exercising your rights under the warranty.
You can return the defective jewellery to SKYlink GmbH (www.creative-travel-retail.com) within this 12 month warranty period but please include the receipt in your parcel. We will not reimburse the transport costs.
For your own security, we would like to point out that defective jewellery should be returned to us by registered mail or as a parcel with return receipt. We are unable to assume liability for damage, loss or theft during transport.


HAUS OF DIETRICH jewellery is generally made from the highest quality materials. Correct and regular care can prolong the durability of the jewellery.
To ensure you enjoy your precious and beautiful jewellery for as long as possible, you should follow a few basic rules:

• Rings and other items of jewellery should preferably not be worn while working in the house or garden, while swimming (in salt or chlorinated water) or during sports or other physical activities.

• The jewellery should be taken off before going to bed and prior to showering and bathing.

• Perfume and hairspray can remove the sheen and the brilliance of the jewellery. For this reason, it is advisable to use perfume, hairspray and other cosmetics before putting on the jewellery.

• The UV radiation in sunlight damages and bleaches jewellery. The jewellery must not be exposed to sunlight.


For best results, use water and a neutral detergent. Blackened items of silver jewellery should not be cleaned using a silver dipping bath or polished with a silver cloth as these may remove the blackening.